The Best Feeling of Accomplishment in the World: Sales are up!

Hi everyone,

Just to follow up on my previous post about extending your reach with external affiliate network.

When you starting up you want to narrow your focus and recruit affiliates that are targeting your niche specifically. Yet when when you extend it and start working with affiliates who are more generic or even serving different niches, you suddenly realise that there are synergies and interconnections between your market and other markets. You will get conversions from other niches, the main thing here is to be open minded.

For the wine retail I started seeing conversions coming from fashion and online radio sites, still pushing it to other market niches to see if those will convert or not.

It is a trial and error, but as soon as your Terms and Conditions are in place and you know which line you will not cross – i.e. not offering huge cashback or never do pop-ups and pop-unders on your site, you are fine and this testing will be your own discovery process. It is similar to what you (I will assume) did with Google AdWords – you run some campaigns with broader focus (modified broad) to explore and discover new keywords that convert. Now it is what you do with your affiliate channel.

Test, experiment and benefit from it.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when these new sales are coming in from industries and niches I haven’t expected to convert. Your bank account is grateful for you being creative.

Are there industries or markets that might be lucrative for you and you haven’t tested them yet?

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