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I'm being slightly cheeky here as it is just me for now. My name's Dimitri Safonov, welcome to Affiliate Marketing Traffic!

Let me tell you more about me and my experience, showcase a few books and guides that I have published, announce an upcoming Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals course and provide a small gift guide for your to download.

Who am I, what I do and how it all can be useful for your business:

Born in Crimea, Ukraine, back when it was still USSR, my first background is IT - I have been awarded with MSc Computer Engineering back in 2003.

At the same time I was trying to find that thing called passion, so together with my close friend we have established a local branch of an International Youth NGO called AIESEC. During these few years of managing the exchange programmes and further along the local branch, I was lucky enough to try myself in various aspects of business - be it project management, HR, marketing and train my presentation, organisational and negotiation skills.

When realised that IT is not something I would call my calling, I started to work in marketing - from traditional marketing and then followed by pure digital. I have studied along the way and got an award from Chartered Institute of Marketing back in 2006, which then was followed by MSc Marketing Management in 2011 by University of Westminster.

I specialise in digital marketing and for the last 10 years was involved in managing affiliates and performance marketing for the most competitive industry - online gaming. The companies that I have helped to grow include: PokerStrategy.com, Everest Gaming and, lastly, Unibet.

My experience, negotiation skills and tremendous achievements resulted in an industry award: I've won 'Best Affiliate Manager - Poker' award back in 2014.

Currently I am working with several startups and small businesses to increase their sales via affiliate marketing and partnerships channels.

My Mission

I will help startups, small and medium companies to harness the power of affiliates, partnerships and performance marketing to grow their business profitably.

My Idea Generation Book

I am a published author and this is my first ever book that covers idea generation techniques and presents a set of approaches for anyone who is on the journey to develop their own business. The book is done is a graphic comic-style format to add some fun to your brainstorming sessions. Available on Amazon as kindle and print to order!

Start your Own Business with or without new product ideas

My second book is about taking a first step with your newly generated idea - regardless whether your idea is brand new or a modification of an existing one, a new product or service or a drop shipping business  - you need to start!

It is a quick and easy guide, available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon here.

Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

I am currently working on creating an Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals Course that will be essential for everyone who wants to learn more about performance marketing and partnerships, establish their own affiliate programme and obtain a set of tools how to grow their business profitably.

Let me know if you are interested, I will let you know when it becomes available and provide an early-bird discount!

How to start with wine tasting

One of my greatest passions in life is wine.

I thought it was time to share something that I love with you guys, and I hope some wine tasting tips, wine and food match information and useful wine glossary will help you to entertain your guests better or simply enjoy your glass of vino just a bit more!

Here is where you can download wine tasting guide for free. Cheers! How to start with winetasting

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