Your business needs traffic. Can you afford to miss out on affiliates and partners?

Affiliate marketing, partnerships and referrals can account for 30% of your total sales if done properly. Learn more about affiliate marketing, its benefits, how to implement it and grow your business.

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Why Affiliate Marketing? What are the benefits?

There are countless advantages of affiliate marketing including:

  • Increase in traffic

    Search Engine Optimisation is not just being #1 on Google, it also indicates that you are reputable and of a great value to your customers. Affiliates add value too – via unique content, engagement and trust.

  • Growth in sales

    We all want to grow our businesses and do it in a smart way. Performance marketing which includes affiliates and partnerships enables you to do that in a very cost-effective way: you pay for sales not for impressions.

  • Your Brand Advocates

    Your customers will trust your business more when coming from a reputable source. Your business gains momentum, increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. Partners really do matter!

Affiliate Marketing training and consulting

I am Dimitri Safonov, award-winning affiliate marketer, digital marketing manager and entrepreneur. I've spent 10+ years in digital marketing working for the toughest and most competitive industries.

My achievements include growing an affiliate base from just a few accounts to thousands of them; that alone helped that business to grow from 1.5 million users to 3 million within 18 months. My affiliate portfolio in the entertainment and gaming industry spans over 10 thousand affiliates globally.

I'd like to help you to grow your business. Affiliate Marketing is not simple, it is a long-term process of building business relationships; yet at the same time it is not a rocket science. Contact me today to see what can we do to help you succeed even more.

What do I offer?

I am here to help you increase your traffic, sales and grow your business by means of:

  • Free Affiliate Marketing content

    Head on to Affiliate Marketing Blog: you will find useful resources to help you on your way of employing affiliate marketing strategies and tactics to increase your sales and grow your business.

  • Affiliate Marketing Course

    Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals is the course that is currently being developed. Let me know if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing. I would be happy to offer an early bird discount. Knowledge is power.

  • Affiliate Marketing Audit

    Many affiliate programmes do not get traction because of simple errors. Only experienced affiliate marketers can spot them. My approach is to find a profitability spot, so your programme is profitable for you and your partners.

  • Performance Marketing Consulting

    Offered for startups, small and medium businesses, my approach is to make partnerships and referrals work in sync with your digital strategy. Contact me today and let’s discuss your digital marketing needs and plans. Confidential chat with no obligations can help you to grow your business further.

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